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Impervian Community Spotlight: Sabajete Elezaj, S&T Albania

By Christopher Detzel posted 01-07-2020 10:27


Discover how Imperva helps S&T Global engineer security solutions for its Albanian customers.

To many of its customers and partners, Imperva means more than world-class security technologies. 

The Imperva user community is an important part of our entire business ecosystem. Our customers and partners regularly rely on expert advice to solve the industry’s toughest challenges and obtain guidance for delicate deployments.

Cybersecurity is a demanding, constantly changing field. Imperva’s user community helps people around the globe gain access to the latest developments in the industry, and empowers them to share their insights with other Imperva customers.

Today’s community spotlight turns to @Sabajete Elezaj, security engineer for S&T Global’s Albania division. Sabi demonstrated her trust in Imperva technology to optimize her clients’ cybersecurity infrastructure since obtaining her Imperva security certifications in mid-2019. Now, she is a regular contributor to our user community and a valued partner.

Introducing Sabi 

Sabi is one of S&T Albania’s security engineers, and one of the most outspoken advocates for Imperva’s technologies. When asked what drew her to Imperva in the first place, she put the spotlight on the helpful community supporting Imperva’s solutions. 

One of her first interactions with Imperva was looking for a particular script posted in the community forum. Although she had already relied on Imperva to find zero-day vulnerabilities and patch exploits, successfully finding that script is what consolidated Imperva as her go-to source of reliable security information.

As an important part of the Imperva Community, Sabi brings state-of-the-art security expertise to S&T Albania’s clients and deepens the relationships that Imperva enjoys with its end-users. Without people like Sabi, our security products and services would not enjoy the level of success and end-user satisfaction that we expect of them.

More about S&T Albania

S&T Global is an IT vendor and consultant that specializes in data classification, IT security, management system development, and security policy generation. S&T offers vendor-independent consulting services to some of Albania’s most reputable organizations, bringing global digital expertise to the European country’s 2.8 million residents.

Sabi’s work at S&T specifically addresses some of the most pressing security issues in two high-profile fields:

  • Energy Distribution. One of Sabi’s major customers is a large electric utility company responsible for developing, constructing, operating, and maintaining the country’s electrical distribution network. Her work prevents dangerous large-scale outages like the infamous custom-coded firmware attack that took out an entire Ukrainian power grid in 2017.
  • Commercial Finance. Financial institutions fall victim to cyberattacks 300 times more frequently than organizations in any other industry. Sabi’s efforts protect one of Albania’s most reputable commercial lenders from a broad range of cyberattacks, ensuring the country’s public and private economic sectors function smoothly even in the face of new and unknown dangers.

Many organizations rely on S&T to provide expert security and IT services and keep the country’s major institutions running smoothly. Major telecom, resource extraction, and financial institutions depend on S&T technology. Sabi plays a critical role optimizing their security infrastructure using Imperva products and technologies.