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Imperva Customer Community Recognition!!

  • 1.  Imperva Customer Community Recognition!!

    Community Manager
    Posted 06-05-2020 12:06
    It's a PARTY! Okay, not really, but it is a time to celebrate and recognize those within the Imperva Community helping each other! This is crucial as we move forward. The goal of this community is for customers, partners and experts the help each other with Imperva product questions. 

    If you have expertise, on certain questions asked, then please don't hesitate to answer your peers questions.  

    1. Thank you to @Sabajete Elezaj for answering @Bruce Zhang's post around number of violation in alert pane! This is a tough one, and I am hoping to get others to chime in. 
    2. Thank you to @cezmi çal for answering @Michael Cheng's post on Smallshell ASP Webshell Upload Detection in a nice detailed answer
    3. Thank you to @Jason Park, @Nishanth Minikkaran and @Shantanu Chaurasia for helping @Pankaj Chouhan for his question around Transparent Reverse Proxy
    4. Thank you to @Robert Miller aka Bob, for helping @Tyrone Billups for his question around /opt/imperva/ragent directory keeps disappearing

    A Big THANK YOU!!

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    Christopher Detzel
    Community Manager