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Enough disk space to move apps in to active mode??

  • 1.  Enough disk space to move apps in to active mode??

    Posted 26 days ago
    We currently have SecureSphere WAF running in AWS using the on-demand licence.
    All services and applications are currently running in server groups with 'Simulation' mode set, so nothing is being blocked.
    We are looking at starting to move applications into 'Active' mode.
    From my understanding, in order to do this we will need to create new services within server groups that are set to 'Active' mode.
    Then, for each application, export the profile and import it into the new service.
    I am attempting to calculate if we will have enough disk space on the MX (and Gateways) to acheive this, given that we will end up with two copies of each applications
    profile, one in 'Simulation' and one in 'Active'.

    We currently have 2 server groups, one for NonProd and one for PreProd.
    Between these 2 server groups we have 14 services and 270 applications.

    The MX is created from an AWS ami and comes with an 80GB disk.
    I'm no linux expert so, using the information below, can anybody help me to figure this out?
    #API Security
    #Attack Analytics
    #Bot Management
    #Cloud WAF (formerly Incapsula)
    #Cloud Data Security
    #Content Delivery Network
    #Database Activity Monitoring
    #Data Masking (formerly Camouflage)
    #Data Risk Analytics (formerly CounterBreach)
    #DDoS Protection for Networks
    #DDoS Protection for Websites
    #Load Balancer

    VictorThiago VictorThiago
    USA IL

  • 2.  RE: Enough disk space to move apps in to active mode??

    Community Manager
    Posted 25 days ago
    @VictorThiago VictorThiago, there are a couple of posts that I think answers some of this question. Take a look and let me know if this helps. I am also looking for a more in depth answer for you. 

    Christopher Detzel
    Community Manager

  • 3.  RE: Enough disk space to move apps in to active mode??

    Imperva Employee
    Posted 25 days ago
    Hi Victor,
    It is unnecessary to create a new server group to move to active mode. Tune the policies in simulation mode. Once the policies are sufficiently tuned for all services in the server group, enable active mode.
    If you are using one server group to test on real traffic and another for production then the profile move will be necessary.

    Scott Morgan