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Effect of Agent deployment on DB Performance

  • 1.  Effect of Agent deployment on DB Performance

    Posted 02-04-2020 09:16
    Has anyone ever experienced performance issues with their database severs after the securesphere agent was installed. How much CPU usage/memory does the agent consume.

    Dideolu Badmus

  • 2.  RE: Effect of Agent deployment on DB Performance

    Posted 02-06-2020 05:46
    Agents are very light, and the max CPU usage i have observed has been 5%. You can also see in real-time by navigating to Setup-> Agents -> General Details or from top command directly in your server. User-added image
    Disk space depends on the deployment, and if the pcaps collected by the agent are very heavy you might need to add space. ( you should contact support in case you notice errors)
    I had some paging issues with one client because they used vendor customized paging but it was resolved together with support.
    Usually, if the installment is successful and you get the data as desired, agents are very light and stable.

    Sabajete Elezaj
    SNT Albania