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automated upgrades for appliances

  • 1.  automated upgrades for appliances

    Posted 25 days ago

    I'm currently exploring solutions for automated upgrades for physical securesphere appliances.
    Anything other existing options besides the ansible module here:
    GitHub remove preview
    This project will help you upgrade a Imperva MXs and/or Gateways from a central Ansible workstation (or using your existing Ansible infrastructure). If you don't have an existing Ansible infrastructure, you'll need to set up an Ansible workstation to run the playbook and push out the upgrades.
    View this on GitHub >



    Mihai Turcu
    Security Analyst
    Santa Barbara CA

  • 2.  RE: automated upgrades for appliances

    Posted 24 days ago

    Depending on what version you are on, you have the ability to manage the software versions from within the system.  See form more details.

    If you are on an older version (12 or so?), sometimes you have to apply the first set of upgrades manually to get to the update dashboard.  

    If you still want to automate running the patches, the ansible provider is a pretty good choice if you don't have another method.  (You don't need an ansible infrastructure to use it - you just need ansible running on one workstation).  

    If you are running in AWS, we have a different patching method for gateways.  (also available on the docs site).


    Jim Burtoft
    State College PA