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[Post Simulation Policy Audit and Fine Tuning Tool]

  • 1.  [Post Simulation Policy Audit and Fine Tuning Tool]

    Posted 09-14-2020 07:51
    Hi Guys,
        - Are there any steps / tools that  you've used to perform post simulation policy audit in your ON-PREM WAF? 
        -What is the recommended frequency period  to perform a policy audit in the WAF? Is this something that this builtin or have another
          3rd party tool to do this?

        We all know internal IT team will just define their web servers and include as much as policies they wanted to then associate those
        policies with their corresponding sites that they wanted to protect. (e.g Steam Policies as example)

        This will jeopardize the ON-PREM device performance. 

        br -


    Angfe Landagan
    MICRO D International

  • 2.  RE: [Post Simulation Policy Audit and Fine Tuning Tool]

    Community Manager
    Posted 09-14-2020 13:19
    @Angfe Landagan

    Thank you for your post. Right now, there is not a built in tool to audit all policies / frequency that would be determined by the environment. Additionally, the more dynamic the more frequent we do not have tools to do this either. 

    You could contact your Channel Sales person, @Donald Teo, as he could possibly give you some other options.
    ​I would also recommend you login to the feature request portal that can be found here to add it as a possible thing to be built.

    Christopher Detzel
    Community Manager