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Imperva CloudWAF - New Feature Updates

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    Imperva Employee
    Posted 09-08-2020 07:13
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    Hi everyone,

    This is a short article to provide you with some of our top, recent feature updates for Imperva CloudWAF:

    Policy Management

    With Policy Management, you can now easily configure and manage hundreds of sites from a single location. You can create policies at the account level and then apply them to multiple sites.

    This way, by changing a policy, you immediately change the configuration of all of the sites to which it is applied.  You can also set default policies to accounts and sub-accounts, and make sure new sites get the right configuration immediately when they are on-boarded.

    HTTP/2 end-to-end and gRPC support

    Imperva WAF allows your end-users to use HTTP/2 when connecting to your applications. You can use HTTP/2 from the end-user to the WAF, or continue with HTTP/2 all the way to your origin servers. On top of that, Imperva WAF also supports using Google's gRPC protocol and use Protobuf payload over HTTP/2 traffic.

    Swagger 3 support for API Security

    Imperva's API Security solution allows you to upload an Open API Definition file to configure the Positive Security Protection for your API. You can now use Swagger3 format in addition to Swagger2 in your API Definition files.

    NEW Dashboard for API Security

    API Security now has a new dashboard, that provides better visibility to your API protection, including the ability to investigate and drill down to the API Endpoint level.

    What questions do you have around our new CloudWAF feature updates?



    Michael Franklin
    Manager, Tech Touch Customer Success Management