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Gateway Performance Profiling

  • 1.  Gateway Performance Profiling

    Posted 08-19-2020 02:58
    Hi team

    i was looking info about the Gateway Performance profiling on the Admin Guide v13.0 and v13.5 but the only thing that i find is that you can check the impact performance on a GW on a time frame, but it does not specify if is for each agent/policy/service and it says that only has to be enable when support ask for, so thats why im asking before enabling this feature.

    Thank you team

    Jose Bolanos

  • 2.  RE: Gateway Performance Profiling

    Imperva Employee
    Posted 08-19-2020 06:30

    Performance profiing is used to gather statistics related to performace. It is only useful after you first establish a baseline profile amd keep it updated,  then if a performace problem is suspected, you can then enable and compare to the data gathered. To establish a baseline it is recommended to enable and capture data after the initial setup and configuration, or when any  major configuration changes are made,  Enable  performace profiling and let it run for approx 3 days to establish a baseline. After 3 days Disable It , otherwise if you leave it running it will start to degrade performace and could cause the gateway to become unresponsive,  Be sure to download the performace report from each gateway along with the Get Tech info.Save these files as they will not only establsih a baseline, they will  also help you trend the performance over time.

    When configuration changes are made and/or policies added (especially when signatures are used ) re-enable and capture data for 3 days then disable, download the GTI and Performace report.  If you do this and save the files each time, if there is ever  a suspected performace issue, you can then enable and compare to the data you you captured and saved.. 

    If the configuration does not change it is recommended to at least enable and capture data 1x a quarter Just be sure to disable it when you have the data you need.

    To summarize:
    Its ok to enable, just don't leave it running any loger than needed.
    Enable and capture data for 3 days when major changes tot he config are made or at least 1x a quarter.
    Download and save the GTI Get tech info and Performace report from Each gateway,
    Don't leave it enabled longer than 3 days unless instructed by support.

    David Mazakas