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Tip Tuesday: Tagging a Post

  • 1.  Tip Tuesday: Tagging a Post

    Community Manager
    Posted 02-25-2020 08:47

    Welcome to February's #TipTuesday! In case you missed last week's Tip Tuesday, it's all about showing off the functionality the Imperva Community platform has to offer that you might not yet know about. Last month we discussed how to follow content – if you missed it, you can view it here.

    Now, let's use this week's Tip Tuesday to review how to tag your posts.

    Tagging Your Posts

    Have you used the tagging feature yet? Tagging is a fantastic way to help sort and categorize the information you're already posting and sharing. It helps add context to your post and makes for quick searching by other users.

    What? Tags are labels that can be applied to content. #Hashtagging is a feature that allows you to apply tags to your content.

    Why? Tags help provide additional information or categorize content. They also provide a shortcut for searching so that members can discover other content tagged with the same tag. For example, Imperva members can click on a tag and will be directed to search results filtered by that tag.

    Who? Users can apply/remove tags in their own content.

    How? To apply/remove tags:

    Start by typing "#". You will see a list of tags appear dropping down from your text. Select the tag you would like to use or create one of your own related to your post. Please note, you must select a tag from the list for it to apply to your post. You'll know it's worked when your tag changes from green to blue.


    For discussion posts, you can reply via email and include a #hashtag; the system will convert the #hashtag into a tag for you. Note, you can apply/remove tags to your own content.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reply to this thread.


    Christopher Detzel
    Community Manager