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  • 1.  Oracle EXPDB

    Posted 27 days ago

    I am trying to audit the oracle  data pump EXPDB , exp full db  , schema, table  . can any one out there please help me achieve this .


    Aleemuddin Mohammed
    Oracle Database Administrator
    AL MURABBA RIYADH 12624 - 2827

  • 2.  RE: Oracle EXPDB

    Posted 26 days ago

    First,  you have to install a db agent on the Oracle DB server because only the agent can recognize when the EXPDB is running.
    Second - you can use a default security policy - Policy name: Oracle - Attempt to Execute Database Export. This policy can detect and alert the start of Database Export by expdb tool.
    Next - If you want to audit specific tables or columns you should use in the audit policy the following criteria: Destination tables or Columns.
    I do not remember if the agent can audit EXPDB backup. You can check it yourself. Create the new audit policy, use criteria Event Type (login, logout, query), turn on in the Settings tab "Events" checkbox, and start EXPDB.
    On the Audit -> DB Audit Data tab, you can check logs from your policy.

    In simple words, it's all.
    I hope that is what you need.

    Karol Gruszczynski
    Trafford IT