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MariaDB Audit "OS hostname" empty

  • 1.  MariaDB Audit "OS hostname" empty

    Posted 07-04-2021 14:47
    Hi Community

    I found in one of our customers, while checking audit records, that OS hostname (client doing the query) is empty when is about mariaDB.  For MSSQL is fine. I can see the hostname of the query issuer.

    Then, I reproduce this in my lab

    1- Is this a limitation of the agent for mariaDB?

    2- Here a screenshot of part of the audit. As you see, for MSSQL there is not problem at all. 

    3- The Os hostname "daitek-vm" that you see in the previous picture, it's not resolved by dns. Also, I checked DNS en GWs and MX. they are resolving. 

    4- I conducted another test, this time assigning a FQDN to the vm that is issuing the query.  Same results.  Nothing. Still OS hostname empty

    any idea?

    My versions are:





    Freddy Brito
    Daitek S.A.
    Buenos Aires

  • 2.  RE: MariaDB Audit "OS hostname" empty

    Community Manager
    Posted 07-30-2021 04:07
    Hey Freddy,

    Sorry to see no one was able to help out here. Did you find the information you need?



    Sarah Lamont
    Digital Community Manager

  • 3.  RE: MariaDB Audit "OS hostname" empty

    Posted 07-30-2021 09:14

    Thanks for answering.  I'm still without an answer. 


    Freddy Brito

    Avda Corrientes 3360 Piso 12

    C1193AAS - CABA - Argentina

    t + 54 11 5275 9710 | c +54 9 11 2653 9420 |