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Authentication issues with API and GUI

  • 1.  Authentication issues with API and GUI

    Posted 06-17-2020 11:48


    We constantly have issues with authenticating in the API and in the GUI. When using correct passwords, we are still getting denied access. This is more an issue with the API, as we are trying to automate our workflows as much as possible, but the constant authentication failures make writing and implementing automation scripts nearly impossible. 

    This issue may not be unrelated to Imperva itself, so I wanted to see if the community is experiencing these issues also.


    Thank You,
    Brandon Z

  • 2.  RE: Authentication issues with API and GUI

    Imperva Employee
    Posted 06-17-2020 13:15
    Hi Brandon,

    I have had a similar issue with CLI access before which was caused by automated security scans in the environment testing for common username/password combinations. In that case the security scan would try to ssh to the appliances as admin and test various passwords, the failed login attempts caused the appliances to temporarily lock the accounts. If my timing was bad i'd be trying to login while the account was still under timed lock, waiting a bit and trying again would then allow me access.
    Does this sound plausible for your situation?


    Ben King

  • 3.  RE: Authentication issues with API and GUI

    Posted 06-17-2020 14:54

    Hello Ben,

    We've ruled out security scanning. Scan schedules do not correlate to lockout/access denial. 

    Brandon Zeitlin