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MX-HA Support on DAM Azure Cloud

  • 1.  MX-HA Support on DAM Azure Cloud

    Posted 25 days ago
    Hi Guys,

    I would like to know is MX-HA Active Active setup available over Azure cloud?

    If is supported, is there any best practice or prerequisites for MX HA on Azure cloud?

    Thank you

    kahhou looi

  • 2.  RE: MX-HA Support on DAM Azure Cloud

    Imperva Employee
    Posted 24 days ago
    Imperva does not have a MX-HA deployment where both MX's are active
     And for MX's we do not have any notion of active/active 

    As a customer you could stand-up a standby MX but that would be more for a physical deployment 
    Since spinning up a new virtual MX is much easier having a standby MX doesn't really make sense

    Phil Klassen