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Oracle Database Connection Encryption detection

  • 1.  Oracle Database Connection Encryption detection

    Posted 11-12-2020 07:48



    We are running Imperva 13.6 Oracle agent with <enable-oracle-aso>true</enable-oracle-aso> set.


    Now, we assume that there is some Oracle connection that have Oracle Native Network Encryption  disabled and still managed to connect to the database. We want to detect and alert such connections. Is this possible please?


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  • 2.  RE: Oracle Database Connection Encryption detection

    Community Manager
    Posted 12-11-2020 10:57
    @Dominic Tsang

    I was told that you got the answers to this question. if so, please share with the community. If not, let us know.

    Chris ​

    Christopher Detzel
    Community Manager

  • 3.  RE: Oracle Database Connection Encryption detection

    Imperva Employee
    Posted 08-10-2021 04:42

    If the connection to your database is encrypted, you need to take additional action to decrypt traffic, otherwise SecureSphere will be unable to see data.

    SecureSphere supports the following types of database connection encryption :

    • ASO (NDE – Diffie Hellman) - Oracle only
    • Standard SSL

    ASO (NDE – Diffie Hellman) - Oracle only

    Oracle Advanced Security is an encryption protocol similar to SSL. ASO is currently supported on specific platforms including some RedHat and OEL-UEK platforms.

    To configure support for ASO in SecureSphere:

    If you are using ASO to encrypt your database connection, you must enable both ASO and EIK via the specific agent's Advanced Configuration pane in SecureSphere.

    First, to identify if your database is configured for ASO encryption, on the database server open the file sqlnet.ora, then search for the string "ENCRYPTION_SERVER" or "ASO". If neither of these strings is found, then NDS (ASO) is not configured.

    Kent Zhou