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Database Assessment Tests - Troubleshooting Errors

  • 1.  Database Assessment Tests - Troubleshooting Errors

    Posted 26 days ago

    With Imperva DAM (v13.6) we are now starting to perform assessment scans with the CIS Benchmark. is there a way to get a kind of "enhanced" logfile for the execution of a DB assessment scan? We have some tests which return an error and the error message is not really self-speaking. So it would be nice to reproduce the queries and other actions which are performed during the scan. Or is the only way to include temporarily the scanning user in the imperva monitoring itself to see the queries at least?

    Thanks for some input!

    Fabian Wuest
    Head of Information Security

  • 2.  RE: Database Assessment Tests - Troubleshooting Errors

    Posted 19 days ago
    Do you have an example of a test that is returning an error? 

    The CIS Benchmark is looking for specific configuration settings within the database.
    The results of a scan should show the test that failed, a recommended fix, and technical details about the test. 
    The typical problems that I have seen mainly relate to database settings left at default values. 
    For some of the tests I have had to work with the DBAs to understand the issue, or search for an answer.

    You could run a report on the scan results, but it gives you the same information that you see in the gui.

    I have seen a problem with scanning unsupported databases. 
    I ran a scan on a Postgresql database, and received multiple failures for audit modules. 
    After researching, I found that we were using EDB Postgres, and they had replaced the audit modules with their own modules.

    Robert Miller
    Senior Cybersecurity Engineer
    Bank of the West
    Lavista NE