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Incapsula -script affects Google-pagespeed

  • 1.  Incapsula -script affects Google-pagespeed

    Posted 9 days ago

    As we`re working on optimisation our website for Pagespeed score, we`ve found that Incapsula-javascript slows down our pagespeed score (screenshot attached). That`s fine for Desktop-score, but negatively affect on Mobile-pagespeed.
    Sometimes Incapsula-script doesn`t load when page loads, in that case Pagespeed-score showing higher results than when Incapsula-script is being loaded.

    Below is the screenshot of Mobile-pagespeed without Incapsula-script (sometimes it doesn`t load along with page-assets)

    Here`s the Mobile-pagespeed with Incapsula-script:

    So, I assume that script negatively affect on Pagespeed-score and I wonder if we could avoid loading that script? What is its purpose? Is it necessary to make Incapsula work correctly? Could we at least turn it off for mobile pages only?


    Yevhen Marynych