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  • 1.  MX-DR "mxserver"

    Posted 17 days ago
    Dear all,
    I would like to ask regarding the CLI user "mxserver",
    what is the purpose for it ?
    where does the Securesphere use this user ?

    because through the MX DR steps in our LAB we face some issue in command :
    impctl server dr create

    and it solved once we change the password for user mxserver in DR MX

    Mohammad Alriaty
    System Engineer
    Cloud Distribution

  • 2.  RE: MX-DR "mxserver"

    Posted 16 days ago

    Purpose of the cli user called mxserver:

    The mxserver user is a CLI user that we use to run java processes (i.e. our GUI), and followed actions also use this user indirectly. 

    Note: The reason we need this user is that it is considered bad practice to run java processes as a root user.

    Karol Gruszczynski
    Trafford IT