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  • 1.  RDP with Reverse Proxy(NGRP)

    Posted 08-25-2021 10:34

    What's the best way to enable RDP on a Web Server, allow port 3389 on the GW when in NGRP mode?

    Jovan Marinković
    Cyber-Security Engineer

  • 2.  RE: RDP with Reverse Proxy(NGRP)

    Posted 08-25-2021 11:29

    Hi Jovan,

    Thanks for raising this question and discussion, we really appreciate your interaction with the Imperva Community!

    Unfortunately, we don't support RDP with our on-premise WAF - for a couple of reasons - we cannot inspect it and we cannot promise that it won't cause problems with the security.

    Our recommendation would be to route the traffic around this to avoid any complications i.e. compromising the security.

    Please let me know if this is helpful or if you would require any further information. 

    Many thanks,


    Michael Franklin
    Manager, Customer Success Management