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DB agent and IBM tivoli TSM

  • 1.  DB agent and IBM tivoli TSM

    Posted 08-30-2020 21:13
    Hi everyone

    I just got an issue from 5 servers where I this last friday deployed 5 DB agents. Our customer told me that the servers have consumed all the available space in the datastore. All of them have Tivoli TSM agents

    Is there a incompatibility issue between tivoli TSM and Imperva agents?

    I install the lastest windows agent version: Imperva-ragent-Windows-b14.

    and the version of SecureSphere is:

    Tomorrow I will collect more details about this issue. I appreciate any light on this.

    Best regards

    Freddy Brito
    Daitek S.A.
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 2.  RE: DB agent and IBM tivoli TSM

    Imperva Employee
    Posted 08-31-2020 09:19
    It is important to know just how much space is "all available space".  The agents will use a buffer on disk if they cannot reach the gateway, and it can be a couple of gigs (100MB is the default, I think)

    In some cases, customers have an "application" disk that has only a few hundred megabytes free.  If the agent couldn't reach the gateway (or the gateway is overloaded and couldn't handle all the incoming connections) AND you had the agent installed on a disk with very little free space, this could be expected behavior.

    The solutions are to either configure the agent to have a smaller buffer (not great, because someone can always use enough of the free space to get it below your threshold and you will fill it), or move the installation to a more appropriately sized disk.


    Jim Burtoft

  • 3.  RE: DB agent and IBM tivoli TSM

    Imperva Employee
    Posted 09-01-2020 15:31
    For clarification, we are set to use 8GB out of the box, and to use this space in the directory where Imperva agents are installed.  Both options can be changed using the two highlighted values in the agent advanced config boxes.

    Paul Hammons
    Imperva Senior Sales Engineer
    Cape Coral, Florida

  • 4.  RE: DB agent and IBM tivoli TSM

    Posted 09-01-2020 16:11
    Thanks Paul for your comments

    Yesterday I talked to our customer and I learnt that the space issue was caused by a DB snapshot of 4TB. 

    Best regards

    Freddy Brito

    Avda Corrientes 3360 Piso 12

    C1193AAS - CABA - Argentina

    t + 54 11 5275 9710 | c +54 11 9 2653 9420 |