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Imperva’s WAF Gateway 14.4 Protects Enterprises for the Post-Covid Era

  • 1.  Imperva’s WAF Gateway 14.4 Protects Enterprises for the Post-Covid Era

    Imperva Employee
    Posted 16 days ago

    Many of our WAF Gateway customers are accelerating their digital transformation projects in the Post-Pandemic Era. Whether it’s from a recent retail trend like omni-channel commerce or newly defined, post-covid practice like contactless transactions, businesses are focusing on digital. There was a period, here in the US, where restaurants and other food-related services were only doing their transactions online. It was reported by a leading online transaction vendor, “In a year of unprecedented changes and challenges, 2020 also posed some interesting opportunities for businesses to embrace digital payments. Many moved their business online for the first time, ushering in a new digital transformation.” So, to sustain their global business, many enterprises are looking to online commerce as a key enabler. As they focus on this, enterprises are also leveraging their investments in new protocols and faster networks from Wi-Fi6 and 5G to enhance customer experiences both online and mobile. Likewise, cybercriminals have increased their level of progressive attacks with advanced BoTs and other innovative threats. Verizon’s latest 2021 data breach report validated this by stating, ‘the pandemic has influenced cyber-criminal activity, with the focus shifting strongly toward work-at-home infrastructure. 39% of all data breaches in 2020 stemmed from web application compromise.’

    Fortunately, for our enterprise customers, Imperva is releasing WAF Gateway version In this release, Imperva is continuously enhancing the security and reducing the risks for our WAF Gateway customers with the following highlights: 

    • Advanced Bot Protection: Given that more than 24 percent of internet traffic is bad bots, Imperva WAF Gateway customers now have access to fully integrate industry-leading bot protection technology into its Web Application Firewall solution for application and website protection. Advanced Bot Protection enables true defense-in-depth security by delivering bot protection in a single stack model, while making deployment easier, faster, and more flexible than ever. 
    • Optimize Your Security and Performance Benefits for your Digital Protocols: From HTTP2 to TLS 1.3, optimize the security and performance needs of your digital business. Whether it's dropping more dynamic content from video snip-bits to 3D visuals, enterprises want to supersize the customer experience across web to smartphone for their omni-channel strategies. 
    • Separating the Release Cycles of WAF and DAM Security Gateway Products: Speed and market response are traits needed to succeed in today’s digital economy. As such, Imperva has decided to separate the product release cycles between the WAF and DAM solutions. After multiple customer conversations, the release cycles of Imperva’s WAF and DAM solutions will be separated so that we can help our customers meet their market needs. Most importantly, for our customers, new features will be available more frequently. 

    Learn how Imperva WAF Gateway 14.4 helps protect your businesses online and mobile with an industry-recognized Advanced Bot Protection and other advanced security ciphers for the digital-ready protocols. Please contact Eyal Gur for additional information on WAF Gateway 14.4.


    Eyal Gur
    Not Provided
    Tel Aviv CA

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    Community Manager
    Posted 2 days ago

    Looking forward to your webinar next week, Eyal!!

    Community - don't forget to reserve your spot here...

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