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URL Redirection - (Masking)

  • 1.  URL Redirection - (Masking)

    Posted 6 days ago

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    Imperva Employee
    Posted 5 days ago

    Hi Malith,

    This can be accomplished using forward and rewrite rules.

    Define as a Data Center and check the box to Support only forward rules.

    Create a new Forward rule with the following filter criteria:

         URL == "/flights"

    Adjust the match criteria as desired. For example, the statement above is a strict match on "/flights" and will not match "/flights/".

    For the Rule Action, select Forward to Data Center and select the Data Center.

    Give the rule a name and click Save.

    Imperva Cloud will now Forward all requests for (client facing) to (backend) and retrieve the content.

    Please note however that a Rewrite rule is also typically required in conjunction with a Forward rule. This is because the Origin Data Center usually won't respond because the original Host header is sent. Additionally, the SSL handshake can fail with the Origin server if the Host names do not match.

    Create a Rewrite matching the same path as the Forward rule.

         URL == "/flights"

    For the Rule Action, select Rewrite Header.

    For the Header Name, enter Host

    Leave the From empty and in the To enter

    Enter a name for the rule and click Save.

    Jaired Anderson
    Principal Consultant
    Tulsa OK

  • 3.  RE: URL Redirection - (Masking)

    Posted 4 days ago
    Hi Jaired,

    Thank you very much. I will try that by today and let you know the feedback. can we eliminate the SSL handshake issue with Token key.

    Thank you.


    Malith Hadunkuttige
    Srilankan Airlines