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⭐Imperva Insights: Validating SSL settings

  • 1.  ⭐Imperva Insights: Validating SSL settings

    Community Manager
    Posted 11-29-2019 20:04

    For today's #impervainsights we wanted to share a commonly asked question regarding SSL Certificates: 

    We recently updated our custom wildcard SSL certificate and now we are seeing issues with the certificate not being trusted. This is affecting all of our * Can we please get some immediate help in validating our SSL settings? 

    What do our product experts have to say?​

    You can use this website: to analyze your domain and understand what is causing the problem. A common issue is that the complete certificate chain is missing. It can be fixed by re-uploading the certificate by combining the "Signed Certificate +Intermediate Certificate +Root Certificate" into one single file in the same order and then include the Private Key when the system prompts for it. 

    Please see the below link for more details on uploading the custom certificate.

    What additional challenges have you faced with SSL Certificates? 



    Christopher Detzel
    Community Manager