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Gateway Cluster Registration (n+1) + MX-HA

  • 1.  Gateway Cluster Registration (n+1) + MX-HA

    Posted 13 days ago
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    Hi team

    im looking on info about the registration process of the Gateway Cluster (n+1) in my case 2+1, on a MX-HA VM150.

    I have the configuration of the MX-HA perfectly and it does not present any error, but im looking on info on how is the load balanced between MX-HA of a Gateway Cluster.

    Im looking info and it seems that i have to register the first gateway normally to the primary MX, then change the bootstrap file on /OPT to configure 2 IP addresses, and then i have to re-register the gateway to the virtual IP address configured on the MX-HA.

    and the only info that i have is this one:

    Register the Gateway

    also you can check the admin guide for v13.0, that is the most complete comparing to the v13.5 admin guide, on page 374 and its poor info about registration.

    My understanding is what i write at the beginning.

    Do you have any idea or have you done something like that before?

    Thank you


    Jose Bolanos

  • 2.  RE: Gateway Cluster Registration (n+1) + MX-HA

    Imperva Employee
    Posted 13 days ago
    If you have your MX-HA configured and running then you will have a VIP Address. register the gateways to the VIP address of the mx-ha and add admin-ips statement into the bootstrap.xml file on each gateway that you register. it should contain the ip address of each mx primary/secondary that make up the mx-ha pair.


    Trevor Jackson