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Pros and cons of using Large Server Cluster (LSC) for DAM "heavy" agents.

  • 1.  Pros and cons of using Large Server Cluster (LSC) for DAM "heavy" agents.

    Posted 11-15-2019 09:45
    Hi All,
    Is anybody here who is actively using LSC configuration for monitoring "heavy" agents.
    Recently we faced with situation that regualr GW cluster or HA-GW mode stoped work for our needs.
    Let's say that we have "heavy" agent which sends HUGE amount of traffic to GW and GW became overloaded. In this case LSC is a way out for such case but LSC configuration has some limitation - only ONE agent can be applied to LSC.
    This is one of my concerns:
    For exampe, DB servers work in a HA mode (one node is active and second one is standby). So, two agents should be installed onto these DB servers. To work with these agents we have to deploy two LSC as well. Let's assume that LSC have to consist of four or five GWs minimum. In this case half of such deployment will be idle all the time because one agent is in standby mode. In this way we are wasting HALF of our hardware resources and Cluster licences.
    Any suggestions how to deal with it?

    Andrey Shirokov

  • 2.  RE: Pros and cons of using Large Server Cluster (LSC) for DAM "heavy" agents.

    Imperva Employee
    Posted 11-26-2019 07:38
    we are experiencing a similar problem with a single (1) agent on an 8 node Oracle Server Cluster is overloading a X6510 gateway. Our intention was to use standard clustering to monitor the 8 node cluster. this will not be possible unless we reduce the load from this one agent through AMR or Implement LSC. In our case the load could shift around various cluster members also.
    In investigating LSC, I can confirm that you can have more than one agent to a LSC as shown in the documentation (and verified by PS resources actually configuring).
    This does not however help with the waste of gateways that are required to cover the possible load shift as you have detailed and as we need to consider with our problem also. The fact that you can construct a single cluster only saves you on gateway in total due to only needing one redundant gateway.
    Just today we have engaged with PM who in turn will engage PD for an initial discussion on looking at having more sophisticated clustering options to effectively manage these types of scenarios. I have added your scenario to help convey our limitations and customer requirements.



    Paul Thomas

  • 3.  RE: Pros and cons of using Large Server Cluster (LSC) for DAM "heavy" agents.

    Posted 11-28-2019 02:25
    Hi, Paul
    Thank you for your response and paying attention to our problem. Hope that finally Imperva will find a way to manage multiple agents on LSC without wasting GW resources.

    Andrey Shirokov