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Matching Criteria with Logical Operator "OR"

  • 1.  Matching Criteria with Logical Operator "OR"

    Posted 30 days ago

    Hello Imperva Experts,

    We need to configure an auditing policy that matches for two criteria; when the DB username is "example" or when the OS username is "example". 

    Current configuration:

    We are using two different policies. One to audit when DB username is "example", the other is to audit when OS username is "example".

    Desired configuration:

    To have only one policy to match for either one of the conditions. For example to add two marching criterion DB username and OS username and use "OR" as logical operator. 

    Is this applicable?
    If yes, how to do so?

    If no, is this considered in an upcoming release or not?


    Omar Ahmed Semeet
    Information Security Engineer, Inc.