Community Webinar: Enriching data streams for Monitoring and Security

When:  Oct 6, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (CT)
Associated with  Imperva Cyber Community

Join @Richard St. John, Architect in Professional Services on another community webinar. 

Data enrichment is an important capability of Imperva On-Premises solutions. It brings relevant metadata into the client-server communication stream, allowing organizations to detect, identify, and control unwanted activity. 

Enrichment configurations range from simple to complex. Nearly all On-Premises deployments have some form of enrichment active and providing benefits to the organization. Likewise, nearly all deployments can expand the benefits of enrichment. 


In this webinar, we will cover: 

  • What enrichment is
  • How Enrichment Benefits Imperva On-Premises Application Security and On-Premises Data Security deployments
  • How Enrichment is performed and the source data used to enrich monitored communication streams 
  • Several Enrichment use-case scenarios and example configurations to meet the scenario goals

We will have a Live Demo that covers both Application and Data Security examples, and will finish Q&A as time permits.

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Christopher Detzel