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Imperva's jSonar Acquisition- Modern Database Security for any Data System on any Cloud - Community Webinar

Pic found here: In webinar to you will learn how Imperva’s recent acquisition of jSonar will modernize data security and add tremendous value to your Imperva deployment. #CloudWAF(formerlyIncapsula) #DatabaseActivityMonitoring #On...

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How to Monitor Access to Sensitive Data Through Applications and APIs - Community Webinar

image found here: In the midst of the largest innovation and modernization efforts in recent history, organizations who both store and process sensitive data are faced the challenge of auditing and monitoring “who” is accessing that data, along...

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Operational Best Practices for a Successful Data Activity Monitoring Deployment - Community Webinar

Operational Best Practices Database activity monitoring and auditing has become a critical challenge for organizations due to increasing importance of data integrity and privacy to customers and regulators. Database Activity Monitoring has become a key control for database security...

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Enriching Data Streams for Monitoring and Security - Community Webinar

Data Enrichment In this webinar, @Curt Watt and @Richard St. John walks us through what Data Enrichment is and a demo. Nearly all On-Premises deployments have some form of enrichment active and providing benefits to the organization. ​​ In this webinar, we covered ...

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Securing Your Data -A Data Centric Approach - Webinar

Data is one of the most valuable assets for contemporary organisations and a growing source of competitive advantage. Over 50% of organisations’ sensitive data is stored in various databases. Learn how to identify and mitigate critical data security risks without compromising the...

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Securing API's Part 2 Mitigating Input Validation Vulnerabilities Community Webinar

API Security APIs play a critical role in empowering the digital economy…but since apps are being churned out faster than security teams can secure them, businesses are exposed on a massive -- and growing -- attack field. In the second part of our series on Securing API's, we're...

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Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) Ask Me Anything Imperva Community Webinar

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash In this Ask Me Anything live Webinar, and answer all questions, customers and partners had, around Imperva's Database Activity Monitoring (DAM). Read the list of Q&A on this thread. Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) Ask Me Anything...

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Client-Side Protection - How to protect your website from client-side attacks like Formjacking and Magecart -Webinar

How to protect your website from client-side attacks like Formjacking and Magecart Lynn Marks, Product Manager at Imperva, talks about a new Imperva product called Client-Side Protection. Client-side attacks, launched by groups like Magecart, are exploiting JavaScript services...

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Protecting Applications from Within Using Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) - Community Webinar

Demo of RASP and Roadmap. In this webinar, @Rajaram Srinivasan , Imperva Product Manager, talked about how RASP, a PCI control and NIST requirement, can mitigate risk and protect your applications as your business move to the cloud. We will help you understand the following: ...