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Webinar: Finding the data you didn't know you had.

How to navigate the chaotic world of personal privacy rights regulations. When it comes to personal privacy rights laws, not knowing where all of your sensitive data is can be costly, time-consuming, and could have a significant impact on your brand and reputation. During this...

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*Webinar* Live DDoS Attack - Mitigation in Action

The Imperva community welcomes DDoS Principal Architect, Alex Bakshtein and DDoS attack expert James Mal, of Redwolf Security Inc. In this session you willl witness a live DDoS attack and see the Imperva DDoS mitigation solution in action. Our speakers explore and track the different...

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Webinar: Advanced Bot Protection - Ask Me Anything

Join us for this month’s Advanced Bot Protection AMA (Ask Me Anything) community webinar where we are joined by @Jim Burtoft (prm) , Sr. Sales Engineer and @John Cosgrove , Sr. Product Manager. During this AMA the team share their unique insights on working behind the scenes at...

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Webinar: Introduction to the Imperva Mobile App

Never Miss Another Critical Update! The Imperva Community welcomes Itai Gal, Imperva Product Manager , to introduce Imperva’s new Mobile Security App in the latest community webinar. In this session, Itai discusses the pain points of remote security management and how the new...

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Webinar: Imperva WAF Gateway 2021 Roadmap

The Imperva Community welcomes @Eyal Gur , Imperva Product Manager , back to the webinar series to talk about recent updates to WAF Gateway and the 2021 roadmap. In this session, Eyal will walkthrough the new features our customers and partners need to know about. We will save some time...

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Ask Me Anything - 2020 Tournament of Champions -Webinar

In a fitting grand finale to what has been a most challenging year, we are presenting Imperva’s “Oracles of Delphi”, CTO Kunal Anand and SVP of Data Security Ron Bennatan, to deliver perspectives and advice to the Community on all things cybersecurity. From market concerns and observations to...

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Imperva Data Security and Activity Monitoring Roadmap: Community Webinar

Roadmap Organizations are modernizing their databases more and more. Agility, changes in organizational responsibilities, adoption of data lakes, DBaaS and No-SQL DBs are the main reasons that customers struggle to audit and protect their data. This can lead to lack of visibility of...

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Imperva Product Design – Building a Universe - Webinar

pic found here: Join the next Imperva Community Webinar as @Kunal Anand, Chief Technology Officer and @Lior Atzmon, Head of Product Design take us through a brand new experience that pulls together security, performance, reliability, and other...

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Imperva’s Database Activity Monitoring and ServiceNow’s ITSM Integration - Webinar

Image found here: In this session, @Brian Anderson Imperva Director of Technology and @Adam Prem , Advisory Solution Consultant, from ServiceNow will demonstrate how to integrate ServiceNow’s process management of Change Requests,...