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Cloud WAF ABP - How to Win the BOT War - Webinar

In this video we will talk about bad BOT risks, we go over some case studies and walk you through a technical deep dive into BOT mitigation. #AdvancedBotProtection #CloudWAF(formerlyIncapsula) #video #Webinar

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Cloud WAF Advanced Bot Protection (ABP) Transcript and Video from Webinar

In this community webinar, Brooks Cunningham Manager, Service Operations, took us on an inside view of: 1. Overview of Cloud WAF reporting 2. Overview of configuring the policies 3. Overview of debugging Chris Detzel: (00:16) Thank you, everyone for attending today's webinar. I'm...

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Transcript and Video from Webinar: How to Protect Data and be Compliant When Embracing the Cloud

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels Take a look at the Webinar that hosted for Community Members here. Transcript from Ran's Webinar on How to Protect Data and be Compliant When Embracing the Cloud Christopher Detzel ( 00:29 ): Welcome, everybody. Thank you for coming...

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Webinar: GitHub Tools - Imperva API Composer Transcript and Video from Chris Detzel: (00:14) Welcome everybody, my name is Chris Detzel, and this is our first Community Online Webinar. I'm very excited about today's topic with Brian Anderson, Director of Technology, and our focus today will be GitHub Tools-...