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Webinar: Cloud WAF Reports and a Tool that Simplifies the Usage of the Reputation Intelligence Service

Doron Tzur takes us through an in-depth look at Imperva’s Cloud WAF GitHub tools, account-level-dashboard and site-protection-viewer , which provide the ability to understand in one click and one glance the current protection stature and usage in account level. Additionally he...

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Webinar: WAF Gateway (formerly SecureSphere WAF) – What’s New and What’s on the Roadmap 2020

In this session Eyal Gur, Imperva Product Manager, will talk about recent updates to WAF Gateway, key features to know about, as well as upcoming releases and roadmap items. The PPT from the presentation can be found here 1. New Generation Reverse Proxy – Just released in V14.1 2....

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DDoS: Mitigate the Threat and Avoid Downtime: Webinar

In this webinar we talk about some DDoS risks and case studies. The team went through a technical deep dive into DDoS mitigation. At the end of the webinar we took questions from the audience. #DDoSProtectionforNetworks #DDoSProtectionforWebsites #Webinar #video

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Cloud WAF ABP - How to Win the BOT War - Webinar

In this video we will talk about bad BOT risks, we go over some case studies and walk you through a technical deep dive into BOT mitigation. #AdvancedBotProtection #CloudWAF(formerlyIncapsula) #video #Webinar

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Cloud WAF Advanced Bot Protection (ABP) Transcript and Video from Webinar

In this community webinar, Brooks Cunningham Manager, Service Operations, took us on an inside view of: 1. Overview of Cloud WAF reporting 2. Overview of configuring the policies 3. Overview of debugging Chris Detzel: (00:16) Thank you, everyone for attending today's webinar. I'm...