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Securing API's Part 2 Mitigating Input Validation Vulnerabilities Community Webinar

API Security APIs play a critical role in empowering the digital economy…but since apps are being churned out faster than security teams can secure them, businesses are exposed on a massive -- and growing -- attack field. In the second part of our series on Securing API's, we're...

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Creating Custom Error Responses for APIs

By default, Imperva will send an error response if a request is blocked because it violates an API’s schema However, the default response generated by Imperva may not be appropriate for a couple of different reasons: By default, Imperva expects clients to be communicating using...

Application Security Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Join us in this month’s Application Security AMA (Ask Me Anything) where we’ll be joined by @Abhishek Gupta , Sr. Technical Account Manager; and @Peter Klimek , Director of Technology within the Office of the CTO. During this AMA the team will be sharing their unique insights on working...

 10-29-2020 | 10:00 - 11:00 CT

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Introduction to Imperva API Security: Community Webinar

Find the pic here Login or Create a Login to Post a question here on the Imperva Community around API security Imperva Resources: API Security API Transcript found here: Peter Klimek : (00:08) Hi, everyone. Peter Klimek....

Discussion Thread 2
Delivery API security

How to Monitor Access to Sensitive Data Through Applications and APIs

In the midst of the largest innovation and modernization efforts in recent history, organizations who both store and process sensitive data are faced the challenge of auditing and monitoring “who” is accessing that data, along with tracking the what, when, where and how of that activity. This...

 09-30-2020 | 10:00 - 11:00 CT