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Cloud WAF ABP - How to Win the BOT War - Webinar

In this video we will talk about bad BOT risks, we go over some case studies and walk you through a technical deep dive into BOT mitigation. #AdvancedBotProtection #CloudWAF(formerlyIncapsula) #video #Webinar

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Cloud WAF Advanced Bot Protection (ABP) Transcript and Video from Webinar

In this community webinar, Brooks Cunningham Manager, Service Operations, took us on an inside view of: 1. Overview of Cloud WAF reporting 2. Overview of configuring the policies 3. Overview of debugging Chris Detzel: (00:16) Thank you, everyone for attending today's webinar. I'm...

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Accurate Detection Is the First Step to Effective Bot Mitigation Learn about the state-of-the-art technologies Imperva uses to detect bots 2014 was the first year bots outnumbered human users online . That number has only increased since then, and is virtually guaranteed to continue. In previous...

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Five Bot Threats and Mitigation Strategies Explained Discover how Imperva’s holistic approach to bot defense detects and mitigates malicious bot behavior. The larger an enterprise’s web presence is, the greater a surface area it provides to cyberattackers. Today’s hackers use highly automated...

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Advanced Bot Mitigation: How Imperva Protects Websites, Mobile Apps, and APIs Distinguishing between “good” bots and “bad” bots is key to implementing a solid security framework. Automated web traffic is a fundamental part of the Internet. The bots that generate this traffic come from a wide variety of sources, from Google...

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ATO & API Security [Video]

Hackers are persistent in their methods of attack. Imperva’s combination of Account Takeover protection, API Security and Attack Analytics provides the perfect balance to ensuring you don’t fall victim to these attacks. Discover how we counter bad actors and equip you with the visibility...