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Five Bot Threats and Mitigation Strategies Explained Discover how Imperva’s holistic approach to bot defense detects and mitigates malicious bot behavior. The larger an enterprise’s web presence is, the greater a surface area it provides to cyberattackers. Today’s hackers use highly automated...

Imperva Brainshare - Virtual Event - Level up your capabilities with learning that goes beyond just

You're Invited - Register Join us for Imperva Brainshare – a collaborative one-day learning event – and discover how to get maximum value from your Imperva solutions. At Imperva Brainshare You’ll: 1. Gain insights into the latest capabilities and features 2. Learn how to...

 04-21-2020 | 08:30 - 13:00 PT

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ATO & API Security [Video]

Hackers are persistent in their methods of attack. Imperva’s combination of Account Takeover protection, API Security and Attack Analytics provides the perfect balance to ensuring you don’t fall victim to these attacks. Discover how we counter bad actors and equip you with the visibility...

Bot Defense

What is Bot Defense? IT security professionals are fighting an endless war of attrition against a constant barrage of bad bot attacks. Today’s bots represent a new generation of threats, rapidly shifting profiles and targets, and outpacing traditional solutions’ ability to adapt. As the...