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Webinar: Finding the data you didn't know you had.

How to navigate the chaotic world of personal privacy rights regulations. When it comes to personal privacy rights laws, not knowing where all of your sensitive data is can be costly, time-consuming, and could have a significant impact on your brand and reputation. During this...

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Webinar: DataSec 2021: Ensuring Compliance with Imperva Data Privacy

The Imperva Community is delighted to welcome @Kobi Katzir , Imperva Director, Product Management, and Assaf Zweifler, Imperva Technical Product Manager, to discuss Data Privacy and how to leverage your Imperva Data Security products to ensure compliance. During this webinar, Kobi and...

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Securing Your Data -A Data Centric Approach - Webinar

Data is one of the most valuable assets for contemporary organisations and a growing source of competitive advantage. Over 50% of organisations’ sensitive data is stored in various databases. Learn how to identify and mitigate critical data security risks without compromising the...

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Getting Started with Cloud Data Security for Amazon RDS

Pic found here Imperva’s newest product gives RDS users unparalleled control over their cloud security infrastructure Enterprise asset infrastructure is getting increasingly complex with each passing day. Assets are commonly spread...