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RE: Data Security AMA Podcast! Listen on the go!

This is great! Thanks for sharing Nik. I have only just downloaded the soundcloud app and followed Imperva - great stuff on there! -- Sarah Lamont Digital Community Manager --

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Data Security AMA Podcast! Listen on the go!

Hi All, Delighted to share the recent Data Security AMA (Ask Me Anything) webinar in audio form so that you can hear the full discussion on the go. In this session our Data sec experts address key user questions around Data sec, including Sonar and Database Activity Monitoring. The session...

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RE: Cloud WAF : Cookie Poisoning/Tampering protection

Hi Worachat, Unfortunately, Cloud WAF currently does not support the same cookie tampering features as in SecureSphere. There is an existing feature request to add this functionality to CWAF. Please vote on this request via UserVoice.

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RE: Disable siteW

Does disabling and then reenabling need DNS changes? I am expecting the web traffic to simply passthrough imperva WAF, when it is disabled. Is that understanding correct? -- Ravi Balla Sr. CyberSecurity Architect Grand Rapids MI --

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Automation in Jenkins to show custom error page in Incapsula

​​Hi team, Has anybody tried to create a Jenkins pipeline (automation) to bring up custom error page for a particular site in Incapsula? #CloudWAF(formerlyIncapsula) -- Nikhil Chodankar Assistant Manager (Application Security Specialist) Prudential Services Asia Central --

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RE: Logs for SIEM

Hi Dhaval, I noticed that you haven't received any response to your post, so I'd love to see if we can get it moving. Do you have a specific query that might help people offer their insight? Or are you asking if the above action is possible? Thanks for posting! -- Sarah Lamont Digital Community...

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Logs for SIEM

Hello Everyone, Is anyone using Azure Sentinel as SIEM and sending Imperva cloud WAF Logs to Microsoft Sentinel? Regards, Dhaval Shastri #CloudWAF(formerlyIncapsula) #AllImperva -- Dhaval Shastri --