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DDoS Attacks: How Imperva Mitigates Increasingly Powerful and Sophisticated Attacks

Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks remain one of the most dangerous and expensive threats in the global cybersecurity landscape and DDoS attacks are making headlines again thanks to reports of the largest-ever recorded attack in June 2020 .The attack in question is remarkable for its...

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DDoS: Mitigate the Threat and Avoid Downtime: Webinar

In this webinar we talk about some DDoS risks and case studies. The team went through a technical deep dive into DDoS mitigation. At the end of the webinar we took questions from the audience. #DDoSProtectionforNetworks #DDoSProtectionforWebsites #Webinar #video

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Ddos policy

#DDoSProtectionforNetworks #DDoSProtectionforWebsites #On-PremisesWAF(formerlySecuresphere)

Screenshot from 2020-03-29 18-03-45.png

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Financial Services eBook - 5 Secure Steps to NYDFS Compliance

A useful guide for CISOs, security professionals and compliance managers who want to get a better understanding of the New York State Department of Financial Services' regulation '23 NYCRR 500'. Click here to download #DatabaseActivityMonitoring #DataMasking(formerlyCamouflage) ...