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Data Risk Analytics (DRA) Integration with API - The Final Deep Dive!

In our previous blogs, I have described several Data Risk Analytics (DRA) integration use cases and how to configure and use the Syslog. In this final blog I discuss the DRA API and how it can be used. The cool thing about APIs is that you can provide configuration and entry points to...

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Integrating DRA with Syslog - The Deep Dive!

In the previous blog , I have described several Data Risk Analytics (DRA) integration use cases. In this blog I will dive deeper into how you can integrate your DRA with Syslog. DRA can send Syslog messages to products that use Syslog. For example: SIEM, SOAR, ELK and others. ...

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7 Key Use Cases for Data Risk Analytics (DRA) Integration with Syslog and API

As the cybersecurity industry matures and modernizes, security products are required to integrate with a wider range of products within the customer ecosystem, this is also true for the Imperva Data Risk Analytics (DRA) product. We see more and more customers that want to use external...

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Webinar: DRA Integration with API and Syslog

The Imperva Community welcomed , Imperva Customer Success Manager , to discuss how to integrate Data Risk Analytics (DRA) into your eco-system using API and Syslog. Modern eco-systems are very complex and have multiple products that interact with each other to increase productivity through...

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Securing Your Data -A Data Centric Approach - Webinar

Data is one of the most valuable assets for contemporary organisations and a growing source of competitive advantage. Over 50% of organisations’ sensitive data is stored in various databases. Learn how to identify and mitigate critical data security risks without compromising the...