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RE: Data Classification for VSAM

From a data classfication standpoint, VSAM files are no different from any other non-DBMS files. Therefore, VSAM files cannot be classified using the common relational database classification techniques which consist of scanning of relational DBMS catalogs, then using using the catalogue...

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Data Classification for VSAM

Has anyone done data classification of VSAM files on the mainframe or know if it's supported with Imperva? #DatabaseActivityMonitoring #ImpervaAgentforzOS -- Lee Database Security Engineer Birmingham AL --

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RE: Imerva Agent startup script

@Tyrone Billups , Let me see if I can get you some help. Maybe @Brian Anderson or @Craig Burlingame can help. FYI: @Patrick McCrudden ​​ -- Christopher Detzel Community Manager Imperva --

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Imerva Agent startup script

Good Afternoon, The question I have is this. Does imperva have a startup script for Solaris? I see that there is one for the Installation Manager that sits under /etc/rc3.d directory for Solaris. DO we have for the agent also? If so, where can I get this? Thanks #Advanced Bot Protection #API...