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Protecting Applications from Within Using Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) - Community Webinar

Demo of RASP and Roadmap. In this webinar, @Rajaram Srinivasan , Imperva Product Manager, talked about how RASP, a PCI control and NIST requirement, can mitigate risk and protect your applications as your business move to the cloud. We will help you understand the following: ...

How to Monitor Access to Sensitive Data Through Applications and APIs

In the midst of the largest innovation and modernization efforts in recent history, organizations who both store and process sensitive data are faced the challenge of auditing and monitoring “who” is accessing that data, along with tracking the what, when, where and how of that activity. This...

 09-30-2020 | 10:00 - 11:00 CT

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5 Things to Know About Imperva RASP

Caption Imperva Run-time Application Self protection (RASP) is a server-side security solution for applications, providing application security by default. Here are 5 things to know about Imperva RASP: RASP and a WAF are complementary A Cloud WAF does it's work at the edge. It's...

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WAF and RASP: Best Practice for Defense in Depth Many would ask why do you need a RASP solution if WAF's layer of defense is so powerful. I will answer that question in this blog. With all the high profile security breaches the topic of application security forefront, a ll internet-facing...

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RASP & Cloud WAF [Video]

Partner the unique capability of our best in class solutions WAF and RASP. Discover in this video how you can succeed in fine-tuning your Imperva WAF when coupled with Imperva’s RASP. #CloudWAF(formerlyIncapsula) #RASP