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Discussion Thread 1
Trust...but verify with RASP

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Visualizing Imperva RASP Logs In Microsoft Azure

pic found here: Have you moved to the cloud? Are you moving to the cloud? Are you wondering what is involved in visualizing Imperva RASP logs in the cloud? You have come to the right place. I have been working in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment...

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Application Security - Ask Me Anything - Imperva Community Live Webinar

Application Security - Ask Me Anything - Imperva Community Live During this AMA the team will be sharing their unique insights on working behind the scenes at Imperva, including discussing how Imperva finds and manages new threats, sharing some of their best practices and tips to...

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What RASP Protects Against: Injections

Photo found here: Introduction to Imperva RASP Runtime application self-protection (RASP) is a cybersecurity solution designed to provide personalized protection to applications. Unlike perimeter security solutions such as Web Application Firewall ...

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How to Monitor Access to Sensitive Data Through Applications and APIs - Community Webinar

image found here: In the midst of the largest innovation and modernization efforts in recent history, organizations who both store and process sensitive data are faced the challenge of auditing and monitoring “who” is accessing that data, along...

Discussion Thread 2
RASP SelfTune for faster deployments

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Implementing Defense in Depth with RASP and WAF

The principle of “defense in depth” is borrowed from the military and deals with the fact that no security solution is perfect. While effective security products can detect and block a high percentage of attacks against a system, no single security product can provide protection for all threat...

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Protecting Applications from Within Using Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) - Community Webinar

Demo of RASP and Roadmap. In this webinar, @Rajaram Srinivasan , Imperva Product Manager, talked about how RASP, a PCI control and NIST requirement, can mitigate risk and protect your applications as your business move to the cloud. We will help you understand the following: ...