Impervian Community Spotlight: Cezmi Çal, Certified Ethical Hacker, Barikat Cyber Security

By Christopher Detzel posted 03-02-2020 10:57


Cezmi Çal provides world-class security services to clients through one of Turkey’s leading cybersecurity firms.

Imperva technology can be found everywhere there are security challenges to mitigate, from small businesses to multi-national government security vendors.

Today’s spotlight shines on an information security expert and certified ethical hacker whose company, Barikat, holds NATO-grade security clearances and National Defense Ministry contracts. 

Barikat Internet Security earned its place as Turkey’s top-ranking security service provider in 2019. It is through the work of people like expert information security specialist @cezmi çal that the company delivers award-winning consulting services and highly customized products.

Introducing Cezmi Çal

Cezmi Çal began working for Barikat in 2012, supporting the company’s endpoint security solutions, network-based intrusion prevention systems (NIPS), and web and email gateways as a junior information security specialist. 

Over the past two years, he has been responsible for delivering support for the company’s slate of Imperva firewall solutions: web application firewalls (WAF), database firewalls (DBF) and file firewalls (FFW).

Cezmi is a fixture of the Imperva Community, bringing up pertinent questions and unique insight into some of Imperva’s most important technologies. The most rewarding part of his work is finding new technical solutions for specific problems in the Web Application Security space.

To that end, Cezmi just obtained IDSA Certification and IWSA Certification in December 2019. His expertise is a fantastic addition to the community we cater to.

His feedback can lead to subtle but important development changes and bug mitigation. For instance, when Cezmi noticed that changing an interface’s maximum transmission unit size prior to a patch upgrade led to a situation where the value survives the upgrade, but is not enforced. That led to the Imperva team opening up a feature request for this specific case.

Cezmi has useful insight for DAM users, as well. One of his favorite tools is the notification system – he always makes sure to activate it so that he gets immediate notice whenever any component of the DAM is not fully operational. This gives him a head start when it’s time to fix potential problems before they start to impact productivity.

Cezmi Çal on the Cybersecurity Industry

If Cezmi could go back in time and give himself one piece of critical advice before getting started in the cybersecurity industry, he would tell himself to spend more time reading documentation and putting insights into practice. He puts a great deal of emphasis on making informed decisions quickly.

The biggest problem he sees with today’s cybersecurity industry is integrating different solutions while establishing a centralized method for orchestrating them. Since cyberattackers try to exploit different threat vectors and poke holes in various security layers, the key to truly multi-tiered defense is in powerful, centralized security implementation. 

Without an easy way to integrate and manage a fragmented security landscape, it is difficult to detect and respond to cyberattacks and unauthorized intrusions rapidly.

Cezmi Çal is looking forward to obtaining Certified Information Systems Security Professional status within the next few years and putting his talents to work keeping important data and processes secure.