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  • I've installed imperva agent to Oracle Exadata X5 hosts (please refer below output from which_ragent_package_0286.sh) OS: OEL Version: 7 Platform: x86_64 Kernel: UEK-v4 Latest DAM Agent package is: Imperva-ragent-OEL-v7-kUEK-v4-p ...

  • Hi all, I am new to Imperva and I was tasked to automate a task using Imperva API and the help-desk information was pretty vague to me so I thought I could use your help to find where this setting is and which API I can use to make this change. So he ...

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    Whitelist an IP

    I have 2 imperva containers with 2 servers I would like to whitelist IPs so that request coming from one server to an other will not be block Is it possible via WAF Rules ? https://docs.imperva.com/bundle/cloud-application-security/page/rules/create-rule.htm ...

  • Hi Community, Have you seen our recent reviews on Gartner Peer Insights?. I have included a little highlight below, but you can see the full review here . Your opinion matters to us and helps us understand your ...

  • Hi, I am deploying Imperva SecureSphere WAF in GCP. Currently it supports two NIC as per documentation but we are looking for complete segregation of traffic in, out and mgmt. Could you please let me know whether Imperva SecureSphere supports three ...

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    Whitelist an IP

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