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  • Hi Team, One of our customer is upgrade MXs from version -> After upgraded completed they perform MXHA but the HA creation is failed with error message like below. Prior to attempting the MXHA setup in the production ...

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    Telegram Intergration

    Hello Team, Anyone tried to send Alerts from Imperva to Telegram? Could you share with me a guide? Thank you. #On-PremisesWAF(formerlySecuresphere) ------------------------------ Duc Dinh Minh Security Engineer I M.Tech Holdings Pte Ltd ...

  • Hi Community. Has anyone encountered a scenario where the Imperva DAM alerts panel displays a query in a language other than English, and upon investigation, the source does not appear to be any of the known services or applications accessing the databases? ...

  • Dear team, Did you intergrate Imperva On-Premise and Grafana? I used Imperva MX-toolbox, but it can get only MX and GW performance. I need attack dashboard (top attack IP, url, bandwidth per application...). Could you share with me any document ...

  • As part of security assessment, we need to know how secure is the Imperva DAM agent? Is there any security process/review counducted by Imperva before releasing the agent? Is there any industry standards Imperva is following for the agent security? ...

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    Telegram Intergration

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