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  • Greetings, While i understand that there is a conversion script for MX and GW on AWS, is there one for Azure environment? Regards #DatabaseActivityMonitoring ------------------------------ Ho Larry Sales M.Tech Products Pte Ltd Singapore ...

  • I'm trying to allow list multiple IP addresses listed in a text doc. Is there a way to upload the document or does each IP need to be added individually? #AdvancedBotProtection ------------------------------ Tony Convertine Security Engineer --- ...

  • Using the iSQL client shipped with the DSF installation, I am trying to verify the connection to the Oracle database and getting below error. Attached screenshots for reference. I am pulling logs from hub only. Have setup ODBC on hub. DSF - v4.6b ...

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  • Dear community. I have a task. given the following URL: /api/card-service/companies/798ec832-1691-49db-96d9-851ee73a7637/corporate-cards/9e7fbe87-4a4f-40ac-8c36-6641b7952a69/phone/ae0c010b-3c21-42d5-a937-f82f410ae336/client/b40ab844-a806-4307-8d5e-be856f011ca6/bank ...

  • Hi, My Imperva agent is not capturing any logs since the past two days. No major upgrades or patches were applied on the server. The below error is what comes in the activity log: Status of agent changed from Running to Running with Errors. Error ...

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