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  • Hi Team, Would like to know if its feasible to create a sec/audit policy based on below use case. Alert to be generated when the query contains insert/update to a specific table:column when the value of the column exceeds or matches a number Already ...

  • On-premise WAF. Need to implement mutual TLS (mTLS) authentication to restrict access to a Internet-facing web site. Seems straight forward but the testing so far hasn't restricted access like we expect. 1. I created two client certificates. ...

  • Is it possible to modify the sniffing interface settings in a command or file? The following situation has occurred. Two interfaces on the gateway in sniffing mode were set to sniffing interface to detect traffic on both interfaces. (There was not ...

  • This is a known issue with Imperva Cloud WAF and I have a user story/user voice out there which would benefit from upvotes to convince Imperva Cloud WAF dev teams to fix/enhance. Please vote for it. https://imperva.uservoice.com/forums/957317-cloud-waf/suggestions/48440006-support-for-origin-setting-page-in-cloud-waf-porta ...

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  • Does anyone know of a way to filter bandwidth information in the Performance page by filetype? For instance can I get the bandwidth for all jpg requests? The performance dashboard has accumulated and cached transfer values, but I need more granularity. ...

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