Protecting Applications from Within Using Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) - Community Webinar

By Christopher Detzel posted 19 days ago

Demo of RASP and Roadmap. 

In this webinar, @Rajaram Srinivasan, Imperva Product Manager, talked about how RASP, a PCI control and NIST requirement, can mitigate risk and protect your applications as your business move to the cloud. We will help you understand the following:

  1. How RASP works as the final layer of defense to protect your applications
  2. How you can secure your apps in a cloud native world with fading controls
  3. What is the latest in RASP 4.0 version from Imperva
  4. Roadmap into the future of Imperva RASP
👇 Also, below is the PPT for the webinar. 👇