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How to Monitor Access to Sensitive Data Through Applications and APIs - Community Webinar

By Christopher Detzel posted 10-23-2020 08:23

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In the midst of the largest innovation and modernization efforts in recent history, organizations who both store and process sensitive data are faced the challenge of auditing and monitoring “who” is accessing that data, along with tracking the what, when, where and how of that activity.  This includes monitoring direct database access, as well as tracking users accessing this data through applications and APIs.  Imperva’s User-to-Data tracking capability with our data security offering can do just that, auditing any and all access to sensitive data from edge to end.


Join our briefing with @Brian Anderson, Imperva Director of Technology, where discussed modern methods we have incorporated within our solution to provide clients:

  • Complete Edge to End visibility and protection of data access, no matter the source – users, applications, APIs, etc.
  • Classification of sensitive data being accessed
  • Correlated insights to prevent and protect malicious access