Imperva Champion: Community Spotlight: Shamiel Bikha, Cybersecurity Consultant for Blue Turtle

By Christopher Detzel posted 12-07-2020 09:59


Shamiel Bikha brings more than two decades’ experience to cybersecurity team management and upskilling.

Cybersecurity professionals are the most important part of any security framework.

Even the most sophisticated cybersecurity solution on the market can become a liability if it is improperly deployed or poorly understood. Enterprises continue to invest heavily in recruiting and training to make sure their approach to security is optimized against the latest threats.

As the security landscape changes, security professionals have to adapt to keep up. That’s where Shamiel Bikha’s security consultancy comes in. Shamiel applies more than twenty years’ experience in Security Architecture and Network Enterprise Management to consulting and upskilling enterprise security staff.

Keeping Up In the Cybersecurity Arms Race

Shamiel Bikha helps enterprises maintain robust security systems in the face of mounting security challenges. As bad actors multiply and gain greater access to resources, the need for unified, well-trained cybersecurity teams grows in every sector.

Shamiel Bikha helps enterprises identify the gaps in their cybersecurity systems and develop the skills necessary to close those gaps. He brings a unique perspective to team management, informed by his many areas of expertise:

  • Forensics
  • Threat hunting
  • Security assessment
  • Enterprise network management
  • Intelligent SOC setup
  • NOC setup
  • Identifying breaches
  • SIEM health checks and implementation
  • Data and property loss prevention
  • Vulnerability management
  • Security compliance
  • Identity management

In terms of system delivery and configuration, Shamiel gives enterprises a nuanced perspective on many of the industry’s most reputable names. He has experience deploying and configuring systems from McAfee, Symantec, RSA Security, Dell / Sun Microsystems, CA Security, IBM, Entuity, and ArcSight.

Shamiel’s Introduction to Cybersecurity

Shamiel became interested in cybersecurity while working for IBM. He had the opportunity to travel through the Middle East and Africa during this time. His first foray into the world of cybersecurity happened while assisting the Banks of Nigeria and Ghana.

Until that time, both banks were using magnetic stripe bank cards. Shamiel’s expertise helped the banks implement chip and pin cards, leading to PCI DSS certification.

Shamiel ended up leveraging his skillset to help Nigerian and Ghanaian companies train security personnel later on. He describes this time as one of the most rewarding periods of his professional career.

Shamiel Bikha: Imperva’s Impact on Cybersecurity

Shamiel Bikha maintains that the Imperva community has enabled him to better understand Imperva technology and how it adds value to the lives of analysts and engineers.

He believes that the biggest challenge the cybersecurity industry faces is a lack of infrastructural understanding. Most enterprises and professionals do not have visibility into their most critical assets, nor can they see who has access to those assets.

This is a problem that Imperva continues to engineer solutions for. Products like Edge-to-End User Tracking grant security professionals a “big-picture” view of their security framework and the users who interact with it.

Shamiel believes that there is more to cybersecurity than just the technology. Building a tight-knit community of security professionals and encouraging them to upgrade their skills is key to making new technology effective.