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Imperva's 10th Annual Bad Bot Report

By Laura Beaulieu posted 05-17-2023 10:27



In case you have missed it, I thought you might be interested in the 10th Annual Imperva Bad Bot Report we have just released.

This year's report, based on data from our global network in 2022, including 6 trillion blocked bad bot requests, delves into the relationship between bad bots, online fraud, API insecurity, and the impact of automated attacks across various industries. You can download the report on our website here.

Highlights of this year’s report:

- Bad Bots are 30% of automated traffic

- Automated attacks targeting APIs on the rise
- Evasive bad bots accounted for 66.6% of all bad bot traffic

- Every industry is affected. This report offers an in-depth analysis of the threat landscape across industries, sophistication levels, origin and more

Hope you find this report as interesting as I have!


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05-18-2023 08:14

Thanks so much for sharing this, @Laura Beaulieu.

The Bad Bot Report is always a fascinating read. I am also hoping to schedule webinars in June around some of our Bot solutions so watch this space Community!!