Why is a Database Restart Required for an AIX Agent?

By Phil Klassen posted 8 days ago


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AIX Requirements

Imperva requires the DB to be started if it’s running on AIX, why is this an Imperva requirement?

  • This is not an Imperva requirement, it is dictated by AIX design and processing
  • This situation involves system call updates and how they are made available to the processes that need those calls to function as expected
  • Specifically the system calls updated or newly added by the agent
    • These system-calls are updated directly to the primary system-call table – aka svc table
    • In addition to the main svc table there are copies of this table which are used by the various processes/applications
    • In order to have the updated copy of the svc table we must restart the associated process/application
    • Then after that those updated system calls can be used
  • This is why a DB restart is required, so the agent can function properly by calling the most current system call.
  • This requirement applies to both agent upgrades and new agent installs
  • During an upgrade the system calls used by the agent can be upgraded
  • For a new agent install we are introducing new system calls that were previously not registered.