Webinar: DRA Integration with API and Syslog

By Sarah Lamont posted 18 days ago


The Imperva Community welcomed , Imperva Customer Success Manager, to discuss how to integrate Data Risk Analytics (DRA) into your eco-system using API and Syslog. 

Modern eco-systems are very complex and have multiple products that interact with each other to increase productivity through automation and devops processes.

In this technical session you will see several examples of how customers integrate DRA using Syslog and APIs. You will understand how to configure DRA and see an example of how DRA API was used to enhance the DRA capabilities. 

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18 days ago

As a followup on the webinar:

One of the questions that was asked was how to configure the name of the AD group.
This can be done by the following (from v3.2 see Active Directory Groups documentation): 
  • Login to Data Risk Analytics.
  • Click System > User and Role Settings.
  • Click the AD Groups tab
In previous versions you need to set it via configuration file.
As a reminder: I am looking for "beta customers" for the dra-reporter deployment on docker - please reach out to me if you interested.