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*Webinar - Account Takeover - Is Your Organization At Risk?

By Sarah Lamont(csp) posted 04-26-2021 10:42


The Imperva Community is delighted to welcome @Lynn Marks, Imperva Product Manager, and Erez Hasson, Imperva Associate Product Marketing Manager, to discuss Account Takeover (ATO) and how it could impact your industry.

During this webinar, Lynn and Erez discuss ATO, how it occurs and why it is a prevalent issue for the full range of industries. They follow this with a deep dive into specific industry cases, showing the impact of ATO and how tools like Imperva’s Account Takeover Protection can mitigate organizational risk.

As always, the session ends with a Q&A allowing the team to answer your user questions directly. To receive a copy of the Bad Bot Report discussed during the session, please comment below or email

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