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Impervian Community Spotlight: Karol Gruszczyński, IT Security Expert

By Sarah Lamont posted 03-25-2022 08:07


Impervian Community Spotlight: Karol Gruszczyński, IT Security Expert, Trafford IT
Sharing knowledge is an important part of Karol's day to day role with Trafford IT as he aims to increase awareness through conferences, workshops and right here on community!

  @Karol Gruszczynski is an extremely active member of the Imperva community and a real technical asset to our members. We are delighted to have him onboard as a Community Champion.  

“For me, the Imperva community is the place where I can help anyone who needs it, and I can learn a lot from other Imperva engineers. I hope we will meet together one day at the IMPERVA Community Champion Event and exchange the experiences.”

Introducing Karol

Many of our community members will already be familiar with Karol. He has been working with Imperva products for over 10 years and has provided a wealth of advice and experience on many community posts. Check out his profile to see some of his recent contributions. It is well worth connecting with him as he continues to troubleshoot and unpick our members' queries. Karol has successfully completed all of the required certifications to become the first Imperva Technical Support Engineer Partner and Imperva Professional Services Partner.

In his current role, Karol is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of a broad spectrum of Imperva products, including:

- IMPERVA Web Application FireWall (WAF)

- IMPERVA CloudWAF with additional modules

- IMPERVA Database Activity Monitoring (DAM),


- IMPERVA Data Risk Analytics - Machine Learning

- IMPERVA File FireWall

- IMPERVA DDoS Network Infrastructure

Karol's role involves leading technical workshops, training and pre-sales presentations as well as managing his company’s technical document writing for Imperva products. He is also involved in project management so has a real depth of understanding of all stages of the customer journey. Karol has gained experience in projects implemented in complex IT environments, in the most interesting, and at the same time the most demanding industries, i.e. banking, insurance, telecommunications, finance and energy, in which the area of data security plays a unique role.

We asked Karol to give us his thoughts on Imperva products and here's what he said:

“A few years ago, I was thinking about the future of IMPERVA DAM. I noticed that databases in the cloud were fast-growing, and DAM didn't support them. Suddenly IMPERVA bought JSonar, and I think it rescued the product. Now I have the best tool to analyze logs from the all significant databases. I hope IMPERVA will more increase the dynamic development of JSonar, and new features will be soon.” 

Introducing Trafford IT

Trafford IT has specialized in providing technologies in the field of ICT security since it was established in 2012. The company consists of specialists with many years of experience in implementing and maintaining IT systems, ensuring IT security both in local organizations and in international corporations. Their priority is to enhance their knowledge in the field of available IT technologies. To this end, we monitor trends and new technologies, analyze threats and cyber attacks, to prevent them or minimize their effects. Care for the high substantive level of their team and their experience allows Trafford IT to maintain the highest partner statuses with Imperva in order to provide the highest quality to customers.

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