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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Health of Your DAM Deployment! *Webinar Recording*

By Sarah Lamont posted 04-19-2023 10:10


Hi Community, 

I am so glad we record these sessions, because this one is GOLD for Imperva Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) users. Or any Imperva customer interested in how our consulting services can help you to get the most from your Imperva product.

Be sure to catch up on this session with @Yassir Saeed 
, Director, Consulting Services and @Richard St John, Architect, Consulting Services to find out everything you Want to know about the health of your Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) deployment!

By the end of this session, you will: 

    • Discover the quickest and most efficient way to conduct a health check on your DAM environment using Imperva's industry-leading best practices.

    • Learn how to leverage advanced monitoring and security capabilities to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability of your solution, while getting the most out of your investment.

    • Develop the skills needed to assess your current capacity and perform sizing for future expansion with confidence.

    • Gain the knowledge and expertise to proactively address health issues before they become major problems, by implementing the right processes and procedures.

You can find the slides from this session here.




05-03-2023 13:36

IMPRESSIVE guys!  Thanks for sharing your insights and perspective from the last 12+ years.  This was Fantastic information for me.  Thanks.

04-20-2023 05:32

Hi Community,
I will update the remainder of the Q&A asap!