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Imperva Support Portal Enhancement - New FileSharing Solution

By Shani Segal posted 09-16-2022 05:52


Imperva Support Portal Enhancement -
Effective November 11, 2022 - New FileSharing Solution available through the Customer Portal! 

Every organization is built on teamwork. The ability to share files, collaborate and communicate seamlessly is critical to all processes in the workplace. In the past, file sharing and collaborating often took a seemingly disproportionate amount of time. However, with the advancement of modern technology, sharing files and collaborating has never been easier. Nowadays it only takes a few clicks to get things done. To provide our customers with a more seamless and enhanced user experience, we’ve integrated a new way to upload files for cases, and application downloads of our products into our world-class Customer Portal!


One of the main advantages of storing and sharing files online in a single platform is seamless collaboration. You can share files instantly via the portal, access information quickly, and avoid unnecessary delays. That's not all; you can log in  from anywhere and collaborate in real time with people from any part of the world. Security has always been a concern for businesses and remains a critical issue today. Online file sharing through a secure portal is one of many ways to reduce security vulnerabilities that exist in organizations. The tech industry, cybersecurity in particular, is characterized by continuous improvement and constant development. It makes sense that the ways we support our customers in achieving their goals also continue to evolve and improve. Simplicity of use and efficiency are front of mind as we continue to innovate for our Customers.

We are excited to announce this new file sharing solution that will enable you to upload any files related to your case directly on the portal. You will also be able to download any of our application releases directly from a new Downloads tab inside the portal.  Add faster download speeds and increased file size limit to that, and you will appreciate how we’re taking our Customer Portal workflow to the next level!

We know that a change in process can take a little time to get used to, so we put together some resources to help you and your teams get on board. 

Firstly, you need access to the Customer Portal in order to raise new tickets and share files, so we urge you to verify your access. If you don’t have access, you can request it here.

Check out the step by step instructions, video guide and FAQ:





07-17-2023 10:43

Thanks for sharing!

12-01-2022 14:21

Wonderful, another technical security solution from the accounting department...

10-11-2022 02:43


09-27-2022 05:42

This is amazing. This is going to help our customers for sure.