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  • 1.  Unlocking an SSH user

    Posted 11-06-2019 08:43
    Edited by Christopher Detzel 10-30-2020 10:03
    Hello Impervians! 

    For today's #ImpervaInsights we wanted to add to share a commonly asked question to our Support team. 

    How do you unlock an SSH user? 

    What do our product experts have to say?

    In the case that you are unable to login to the device CLI using your SSH credentials you may see the below error message: 

    "Your account has expired please contact your system administrator" 


    This means that your account is locked due to retrying the wrong password after 6 attempts. The account will automatically be unlcoked after 30 minutes for you to retry. If you don't remember your password please follow the below instructions to reset or unlock your account: 

    There are two ways to connect to the appliance: 

    1. SSH to the device using another user and login as a root. 
    2. Console to the machine using root credentials.
      • Enter the command impcfg. Impcfg is a  menu-based configuration tool that runs on the management server and the gateway and can be used to configure both the server and the gateway. 
      • Select the option 3) Manage Platform. 
      • Select the option 3) Manage Users.
      • Enter the user name that you want to reset or unlock the account for. If the account is locked you will see "true" for "Locked?" (see below): 

      • Choose 1) Reset password to enter and re-enter your new password.
      • Type "t" to go to Top Level (i.e. the first screen of the impcfg menu). 
      • Save the changes used S) Save Settings and apply using A) Apply Settings. 
      • Confirm applying the changes by entering "C". 
      • Choose 2) Unlcok account immediately. 

    I hope you find this #ImpervaInsights helpful! Are there any additional inquiries you've run into when unlocking an SSH user? 

    #All Imperva

    Christopher Detzel
    Community Manager
    Dallas TX